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At The Dyslexia Hub we do things a little differently. As advocates of inclusion and diversity, we appreciate that one size does not fit all. This applies equally to everyone - even the members of our team! So whilst we have come together as professionals to collaborate, share our knowledge & expertise, and fight for a common cause, we all still operate as private practitioners.  


Listed below everyone's profile is a brief description of the services that they offer, their availability and their contact details.


Start by getting in touch with the member of our team who best meets your current needs.


For those who are unsure what it is that they need (we've all been there!), we recommend that you book an initial parent support session with Hub Director, Amanda, to devise a plan of attack. 



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Amanda Kranz

Director - The Dyslexia Hub

Specialist Educator

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Amanda is a qualified special education and secondary school teacher with 15 years classroom experience. She has worked in both the Government and the Catholic sectors in various teaching and leadership positions.


Amanda has a Master’s degree in Learning Intervention (Specific Learning Difficulties) and is trained in both Yoshimoto OG and MSL. She is a consultant member of Learning Difficulties Australia. 


As well as screening for specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, Amanda offers comprehensive clinical educational assessments.


For parents either new to the world of learning differences or facing new challenges in their child’s dyslexia journey, Amanda also offers parent support and advocacy services.


Amanda provides specialist literacy and maths therapy for children, teenagers and adults with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. She also runs a weekly Homework Club for dyslexic teens. She specialises in working with kids aged 9+.


Amanda has a particular interest in twice-exceptionality (individuals who are gifted with learning differences) and in 2021 was admitted into the UNSW's prestigious Doctor of Education program.


Current Availability

  • Screening + educational assessments

  • Parent support & advocacy


Contact via email: kranz.amanda@gmail.com




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Elise Cassidy

Little Voices Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologist

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Elise is a Paediatric Speech Pathologist with over 20 years' experience working with children of all ages. She is the Director of Little Voices Speech Pathology and specialises in working with families and schools in the area of school-aged language and literacy development.


She is extremely passionate about the teaching of literacy and supporting schools and families to choose approaches that are evidence based.


Through numerous years of supporting students who have been let down by the current methods of literacy teaching in Australia, Elise has become a strong advocate for students with dyslexia, and is an active member of many Dyslexia support groups throughout Australia.


Elise is trained in many evidence based literacy programs, such as Orton-Gillingham, Sounds Write, and Dyslexia Action Literacy Program. She has a post-graduate certificate in Structured Teaching for Dyslexia from Dyslexia Action, and is on the board of directors for the national dyslexia charity, Code Read Dyslexia Network.

Current Availability

  • Screening + language & literacy assessments

  • Parent support & advocacy

Contact via email:




Lisa Armitage

Let's Talk Literacy

Speech Pathologist

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Lisa is a speech pathologist with over 25 years’ experience in the Community Health and Education sectors. 


She graduated from LaTrobe University in 1992 and became interested in literacy in 1995 after completing the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LiPS).


While she raised her family (two boys, now 17 and 19 years old) she ran a successful private practice, during which time she was also contracted to numerous schools.


In 2013, perplexed by the discrepancy between many children’s high language capabilities but severely reduce literacy skills, she pursued further training in dyslexia, completing a SPELD course with Michelle Hutchison and Daryl Greaves. She then became a qualified MSL therapist (Orton-Gillingham) through IMSLE. In 2019, she completed Ron Yoshimoto’s Advanced Morphology course and attended the Language, Literacy and Learning Conference hosted by DSF in WA.


Lisa has a strong grasp of the social and emotional consequences of dyslexia. She is inspired the research of Marianne Wolf and believes in the importance of empowering neuro-diverse learners. 


Lisa offers individual assessment & intervention for language, literacy and articulation difficulties, including dyspraxia. She can also attend school meetings, if required.

Current Availability

  • Literacy intervention - Wednesdays/Fridays via telehealth

Contact via email:



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Kiaya Edwards

Sounds Fun Speech Pathology
Speech Pathologist

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Kiaya (rhymes with fire) is a paediatric speech pathologist with a strong interest in speech, language and literacy in pre-school and school-age children.


With experience in school settings, Kiaya is dedicated to working with families and teachers to support learning in the classroom and beyond. She is dedicated to home practice and classroom recommendations that are fun, engaging and responsive to the environment while being manageable for everyone involved.


Kiaya is passionate about evidence-based intervention and teaching practices, immersing herself in current research and literature. She draws on her knowledge from ongoing professional development, programs such as Sounds-Write, as well as her work at Little Learners Love Literacy.


Kiaya’s natural playfulness and sense of fun comes across in her sessions, integrating the child’s interests to create a motivating and positive experience for all.

Current Availability

​No current availability


Contact via email:




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Anne Glynn

Anne Glynn Tutoring

Specialist Educator

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Anne has more than 35 years’ experience as a language teacher, having taught French and Indonesian at secondary level in both Government and private schools over that time.  Anne was also part of the pastoral leadership team as a Head of House for 15 years and understands the importance of taking a holistic approach to the wellbeing of students.

Anne has always been passionate about language and literacy, and has found a systematic, structured presentation of material to be the most effective approach for students, but especially for those who struggle with language, be it a foreign language or their own. 

Anne has a keen interest in dyslexia and, in recent years, has embraced OG (Orton-Gillingham) and MSL, as their structured teaching of literacy very much aligns with her own experience as a language teacher. Anne is trained in both Yoshimoto OG and MSL and provides literacy therapy for primary-aged children with dyslexia.

Current Availability

No current availability


Contact via email:



Catherine Mitchell

Specialist Educator

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Catherine is a qualified secondary school teacher with over 10 years classroom experience.


She has held teaching and leadership positions in the Government sector in Melbourne and the Kimberley, Western Australia.


Catherine is experienced teaching students with diverse backgrounds from primary school through to VCE and VCAL. She has a passion for teaching through practices that are evidence-based, positive and engaging.


Catherine is trained in Yoshimoto OG and has a Graduate Certificate in Learning Difficulties. She is a member of Learning Difficulties Australia.


Catherine has a particular interest in building the capacity of students who find reading and writing a challenge. She draws on extensive knowledge of the Victorian Curriculum to guide students towards improving their educational outcomes. Catherine promotes positive learning experiences by identifying the student's point of need, and adapting practices to target the individual.

Current Availability

​No current availability


Contact via email:



Rebecca Apted

Apted Psychology


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Rebecca is a registered psychologist with a Masters Degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology. Rebecca has over 15 years experience working in both the private and public education sectors.


Rebecca is currently raising four children, ranging in age from 5 years to 17 years. Rebecca proudly acknowledges that her practice as a psychologist has been greatly enhanced by her parenting experiences. Rebecca approaches all clients with the mind of a psychologist and the heart of a parent. She understands the anguish a parent can feel when their child faces challenges.


Rebecca’s professional focus is on the assessment and support of children who are experiencing learning challenges. She is fascinated by neuroplasticity and neurodiversity.


Rebecca has an extensive knowledge of the funding and support systems that operate in the various education sectors. As part of The Dyslexia Hub’s multi-disciplinary assessment team Rebecca is available to provide comprehensive cognitive assessments (WISC-V or WPPSI-IV) for children aged 4 years to 16 years, 11 months.

Current Availability

  • Cognitive assessments

Contact via email:




Kenny Phuong Nguyen

Speech Pathologist

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Kenny is a speech-language pathologist who currently works with the Education Directorate in the ACT, where he provides training to education staff in the provision of evidence-based literacy and language practices. He also works as a telehealth clinician for a private practice in New South Wales, his home state. 

Kenny has a Masters in Speech Pathology and a background in languages and linguistics.

Kenny's goal is to ensure that no child is left behind due to literacy and/or language difficulties. He is passionate about the Science of Reading and is committed to providing education and support to students, families and schools. 

Kenny loves working with children and watching their confidence grow as they develop their skills as readers and writers. He is approachable, loves to laugh, and is a confident communicator who understands that building a positive therapeutic relationship with his students is crucial to their success.


In his spare time, Kenny is a board game fanatic, and spends much of his free time playing them, writing reviews for them, and even designing them.

Kenny is available for language and literacy intervention via telehealth. Kenny is also able to provide professional development to teachers and other speech pathologists interested in learning more about evidence-based language and literacy practices.

Current Availability

  • Language & literacy intervention - Wednesdays via telehealth

Contact via email: